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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The news for today.....

Well, I suppose I better give some examples of the movie ideas that have come up so far. Please reply and tell me which one you like the best so that I can decide which one to go with, because I like them all! They are all untitled so far:

1. A rebel teen is given a pendant (perhaps something else) by his father, and is then forced to go with his mother (they are divorced) on a airplane to (insert far off country here). What they don't know is that a villain is looking for this pendant, because there is something special about it. And so he tricks them into abandoning the plane and they become stuck on an island with a video game obsessed child who grabbed the mother's leg and a girl whom the boy met on the plane and didn't want to crash with the plane. This idea is by Kylesmil and myself.

2. In ancient Greece, a young man is slacking off and trying to win over a girl who rejects him because he is not doing anything with his life. And so he joins the greek army not knowing that the head honcho is her father, who strongly dislikes him. And so, he and the main character go to Troy for the Trojan war, and while everyone is fighting, he is still slacking off. And then, on there way back, guess what? They are stuck in the middle of The Iliad! And so the main character is put in the way of danger through various positions that the (let's call him the Captain) Captain assigns him. This idea is mainly by Gardenghoul, with the original idea by me.

3. (This story has just been suggested by Maxime, so it has not been developed very much.) A story about racism in the time around the Civil War. Maxime would want the villain to be "as complex as Frollo from 'THOND'". This idea is by Maxime.

I will soon create a poll to see which one is the most popular at the moment.....


Anonymous SNTW said...

I shall be releasing MUFFIN MAN comics
and videos at various intervals. Please read them, as i need support AND criticism on my creations. So please feel free to leave a comment about my drawings, but please-don't be to harsh...thank you, and have a nice day.

8:29 AM  

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