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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poll, new helpers, and a new story...

First off, I would like to welcome the new helpers!

Maxime (another one, we will say Maxime 2 for now),
and ElectricFreddy.

The first 3 were "referred" by Maxime.

And now for the new idea from ElectricFreddy!

It makes fun of generic school movies:
"Billy is the most popular guy in school and he's the best player in the local rugby team. (The sport doesn't realy matter.) A criminal called Donny wants to bribe Billy so Billy would lose the half finals on purpose. Donny wants him to lose so he could bet lots of money on the game. Billy feels that he can't betray his coach, Fonzy, but his fear leaves him no choice. Instead of participating in the game, Billy goes to a bar where he meets a beautiful, yet very dumb girl, and they immediately fall in love. The next day Billy arrives at the rugbyfield where the team practises. Billy explains everything that happened to Fonzy. Fonzy forgives Billy and tells him he has to prepare for the finals. Billy is shocked, because he thought the team would never win the game without him. Donny is very mad and his gang kicks Billy unconscious as a final warning. When he wakes up, he sees his new girlfriend who thinks that Billy wastes too much time on rugby. Billy must decide between the love of his life and rugby. Fnally he decides to break up with the girl to continue his rugby career. He wins the finals and gets shot by Donny with a bazooka."

Interesting ending, ain't it? :D
And so, I have added it to the *fanfare* STORY POLL!
So head on over to it at:


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