Project AirLex

To create a memorable animated movie that the world has had a shortage of in the last 6 years or so...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And the winner is.....

The Iliad Story! Thanks for all the suggestions, and please continue to help out with the project! Sorry I haven't been able to update, as I have been busy with animation and color testing. I will post them as soon as I figure out how to post animated gifs on here......but I WILL post one of Maxime's sketches, which may I say is GREAT.
While we are on the topic of people's work, please check out Izra's webcomic at....well.....ummm...the computer I'm typing on doesn't have it bookmarked......BUT I will find it tomorow on my other PC.

Maxime, Kylesmil, Izra, and I are currently working on the design of the charcters. Looks like Laurent is going to be doing the music for the movie, and we may have a new helper or from now on I will refer to them as "members". There will be more polls in the future, so keep watching and helping!


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