Project AirLex

To create a memorable animated movie that the world has had a shortage of in the last 6 years or so...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And the winner is.....

The Iliad Story! Thanks for all the suggestions, and please continue to help out with the project! Sorry I haven't been able to update, as I have been busy with animation and color testing. I will post them as soon as I figure out how to post animated gifs on here......but I WILL post one of Maxime's sketches, which may I say is GREAT.
While we are on the topic of people's work, please check out Izra's webcomic at....well.....ummm...the computer I'm typing on doesn't have it bookmarked......BUT I will find it tomorow on my other PC.

Maxime, Kylesmil, Izra, and I are currently working on the design of the charcters. Looks like Laurent is going to be doing the music for the movie, and we may have a new helper or from now on I will refer to them as "members". There will be more polls in the future, so keep watching and helping!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poll, new helpers, and a new story...

First off, I would like to welcome the new helpers!

Maxime (another one, we will say Maxime 2 for now),
and ElectricFreddy.

The first 3 were "referred" by Maxime.

And now for the new idea from ElectricFreddy!

It makes fun of generic school movies:
"Billy is the most popular guy in school and he's the best player in the local rugby team. (The sport doesn't realy matter.) A criminal called Donny wants to bribe Billy so Billy would lose the half finals on purpose. Donny wants him to lose so he could bet lots of money on the game. Billy feels that he can't betray his coach, Fonzy, but his fear leaves him no choice. Instead of participating in the game, Billy goes to a bar where he meets a beautiful, yet very dumb girl, and they immediately fall in love. The next day Billy arrives at the rugbyfield where the team practises. Billy explains everything that happened to Fonzy. Fonzy forgives Billy and tells him he has to prepare for the finals. Billy is shocked, because he thought the team would never win the game without him. Donny is very mad and his gang kicks Billy unconscious as a final warning. When he wakes up, he sees his new girlfriend who thinks that Billy wastes too much time on rugby. Billy must decide between the love of his life and rugby. Fnally he decides to break up with the girl to continue his rugby career. He wins the finals and gets shot by Donny with a bazooka."

Interesting ending, ain't it? :D
And so, I have added it to the *fanfare* STORY POLL!
So head on over to it at:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The news for today.....

Well, I suppose I better give some examples of the movie ideas that have come up so far. Please reply and tell me which one you like the best so that I can decide which one to go with, because I like them all! They are all untitled so far:

1. A rebel teen is given a pendant (perhaps something else) by his father, and is then forced to go with his mother (they are divorced) on a airplane to (insert far off country here). What they don't know is that a villain is looking for this pendant, because there is something special about it. And so he tricks them into abandoning the plane and they become stuck on an island with a video game obsessed child who grabbed the mother's leg and a girl whom the boy met on the plane and didn't want to crash with the plane. This idea is by Kylesmil and myself.

2. In ancient Greece, a young man is slacking off and trying to win over a girl who rejects him because he is not doing anything with his life. And so he joins the greek army not knowing that the head honcho is her father, who strongly dislikes him. And so, he and the main character go to Troy for the Trojan war, and while everyone is fighting, he is still slacking off. And then, on there way back, guess what? They are stuck in the middle of The Iliad! And so the main character is put in the way of danger through various positions that the (let's call him the Captain) Captain assigns him. This idea is mainly by Gardenghoul, with the original idea by me.

3. (This story has just been suggested by Maxime, so it has not been developed very much.) A story about racism in the time around the Civil War. Maxime would want the villain to be "as complex as Frollo from 'THOND'". This idea is by Maxime.

I will soon create a poll to see which one is the most popular at the moment.....

Monday, April 03, 2006

So far.......

These people have helped so far (First Names or Usernames:


If I missed anyone, I'm REALLY sorry! I'll put you on the list later!


Welcome to the Project Airlex blog!

After waiting for those Disney quality movies to return, I just couldn't stand it. What happened to the deep classic stories, the awesome music, and the creative character design? And what's with the constant computer animated movies? I really didn't mind them at first, but as the years went on, a realized something.....THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. It does not matter if it is cheaper for them to use such tools. People miss the good old days of hand drawn animation! People like me! And so, after practicing cartooning and animation, I decided I would gather a team of creative and talented people together and we would make our own! And so you see our aim. Of course, I don't expect the quality of animation that professional studios produce. But think of all the cartoonists, animators, writers, and music artists on the internet or even in your own neighborhood! Gather them together and what do you get? Project Airlex! AirLex comes from AirLex Animations, the team my friend Air and I had created for flash movies. While flash movies isn't exactly my strong point, other methods of movie making are. And so, I will post updates on the project as it progresses, and anyone is welcome to help.
If you are interested, contact me at